Commercial Network Services

One of the favorite programs used by Forex traders is Commercial Network Services. One of the main features of CNS is that they work very hard to decrease lag. This means that you won’t experience any delay between the updates on the trading server and your computer, allowing the Commercial Network Services program to respond to changes in the market right away.

With low latency, you’ll also have a much more reliable connection to your broker. Your data will take a much more direct path from your computer to the broker, and since there are less stops along the way, it will get there faster. This can result in millions of dollars a year since, according to some, a millisecond of faster connection can be worth a lot of money.


Commercial Network Services (CNS) has more to offer than just a great connection. It is maximized for 64-bit Windows systems, but it can be used by any Windows, Mac, or Linux PC. You can even access your Commercial Network Services account from a netbook or from your cell phone. It’s very quick and easy to log in to your account, and you can even create ten different email boxes.

Your trading applications will continue to run at all times, even when your computer is turned off, and you’ll have access to things like antivirus scanning, automatic backups, security updates, and a disk defragmentation program. A powerful dual firewall, packet inspection program, and intrusion prevention programs are also available to keep your computer safe at all times.

The people at Commercial Network Services are dedicated to keeping you connected to the Forex market at all times and to keeping your computer protected. In addition to the many programs they offer, you will also find around the clock customer support that never closes, guaranteeing you’ll have someone to talk to no matter what time or day.

ServerPoint vs. ForexVPS Hosting Comparison

Both Serverpoint and ForexVPS have Forex hosting plans that provide a lot of things that a Forex trader needs, but when you start comparing all of the small details, you’ll see that ForexVPS actually is the better deal.  Yes, the two have very similar hosting plans on the surface, but these plans are actually very different once you really take a look at them.

FX Hosting Plans

ForexVPS – With ForexVPS, you get everything with every plan.  This means there’s no need to look at plans in regards to what extras they come with.  All you need to evaluate is how much disk space, RAM, and bandwidth you need each month.  Every other option, such as support, dedicated IP addresses, and more, are standard on every hosting option.

ServerPoint – ServerPoint features many standard options, but when it comes to support, you’re going to have to pay extra.  Their basic package, for example, does not include support for custom scripting, firewall configuration, or DNS issues.  If you need support for this, you’ll pay $35 per every 15 minutes you’re talking to support.  This is more than the cost of your monthly hosting package!  ServerPoint also charges for adding in extra control panels.

MetaTrader (MT4) Forex Ready

ForexVPS – ForexVPS is completely Forex ready.  In fact, they pre-install MetaTrader 4 and have it configured for you.  They also offer remote desktop and many other features that give you total control over your Forex trading.  This is because ForexVPS was actually built from the ground up as a Forex hosting service.

ServerPoint – ServerPoint originated as a standard web hosting site, and they still do a lot of web hosting.  While they’ve added Forex hosting over the years and they do a decent job of it, they weren’t created with Forex hosting in mind.  This means they don’t offer quite as many different options as ForexVPS.  In fact, most of their information is about the various benefits of their web hosting, not Forex hosting.

Overall, it’s obvious that ForexVPS is the better choice in Forex hosting.  They know what Forex traders need in a hosting service, and they’ve created their packages to reflect that.  ServerPoint, while a good web hosting network, is not completely dedicated to Forex trading.  This means they don’t know all the details and features that Forex traders truly need.


If you are looking for a service to host your metatrader services, then you might consider using ServerPoint. They have a wide range of services and options that you can use to operate your platform efficiently. The reason that so many people have begun to use ServerPoint is because it is a completely self-sufficient hosting company. They pride themselves on the fact that they own all of their own servers and their own independent facility. This means that your hosting services are being directly handled through the company, as they do not outsource any part of their operations.


In fact, ServerPoint has been in the business of web hosting since 1998, making them one of the longest running operations around. They claim that their hosting services are perfect for your metatrader needs because of the way that they use the best modern virtualization technology available to help you harness the full power of a Windows server at the much lower price of a VPS. In fact, there is a wide range of Microsoft technology that ServerPoint supports, so no matter what your needs may be, if you are operating with Microsoft, they can work to accommodate you easily and efficiently.

On top of this, ServerPoint also offers twenty four hour support, no matter which day you need help, or what time your problem may occur, you will be able to contact someone with ServerPoint to assist you. This can be important for people who do a lot of their work at night or at unusual times as some companies do not work to offer support around the clock. Also, they operate a fully redundant network, complete with power and feeds. Another good aspect of ServerPoint is that they claim to make sure that you will have access to as much RAM as you need to operate your trading platform.

Forex Hoster

ForexHoster is a site dedicated to hosting Metatrader and EA. Their hosting plans give their customers the ability to log into their individual accounts in real time, letting them manage, view, and trade at any time. These systems are monitored constantly, and since their servers are part of a larger network of servers, customers will always be connected to their broker and the internet. In fact, Forex Hoster boosts a 99% connectivity time, meaning that you’ll almost never be offline, and your trading software will always be connected to the market. This allows them to host their Expert Advisor and other Forex trading programs without fear of latency.

Forex Hoster also features a number of different operating systems. In addition to Windows, they also support Mac OSX and OS9 plus Linux. Unlike some hosting plans that depend completely on Microsoft, Forex Hoster has made their hosting system completely platform independent. This means you won’t have to deal with any of those Microsoft security issues or viruses aimed specifically at Microsoft products, like many are. It’s quite easy to use their hosting system, too. You can quickly and easily upload and manage your Forex programs and even add custom scripts and other features.

Connecting to your Forex Hoster account is very easy. Using their remote access window, you can make use of all the functions of Metatrader. In addition to using Windows, Macs, and Linux, you can also access your account via the iPhone and other PDA applications. This is because their application includes a web-based portal that allows you to access and manage your account from anywhere. Signing up for an account with Forex Hoster is very simple and easy to do. As for cost, their accounts are $69.96 a month, and you can demo their software before signing up.


One reason that BlackBox VPS is a popular hosting service is because it offers its consumers a way to meet their hosting needs with a program that is inexpensive and has creative solutions. In fact, it can work to meet all of your Windows, Linux, and cPanel hosting needs. The reason that BlackBox VPS is seen as such a good hosting service is because it works to make sure that their clients get the best flexibility and security that they can offer, which is why it is one of the best metatraders available on the market.

Another reason that so many people use BlackBoxVPS is that it works to make sure that they get the packages that work best for their needs. This includes offering packages with large bandwidth, no limits on domains, and an assortment of other features that can be combined to work for your metatrading needs without any additional cost. In fact, depending on what your forex needs are, you can get a package for as low as $3.95 a month for cPanel, $12.00 a month for Linux, or $30.00 a month for Hyper-V for Windows. These packages will be custom-fitted for your business so that you can be tailored to make everything run as smoothly as possible.

BlackBox VPS prides itself on offering around the clock support for its clients, so if you sign up with them you will be able to contact them at any time in order to make sure that they don’t have any complications with using their hosting service. If for any reason you find that the BlackBox VPS system does not work for you, they offer both a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee, as well as a week to review the product. If you are not happy within that week you will be able to get a refund on any money you’ve given them for their metatrading services.

Gallant VPS

Gallant VPS is designed for Metatrader hosting, and it features a number of benefits aimed specifically at those in the Forex trading business. Uploading your Expert Advisors is quick and easy, and Gallant VPS even allows you to include custom scripts and indicators. According to Gallant VPS, it’s actually easier to install Expert Advisors on Metatrader as installed on their servers than it would be to install advisors on a version of Metatrader that was running on your own computer.

There are many different options offered by Gallant VPS. First, you don’t have to use any Windows system if you don’t want to. They offer support for Windows clients, yes, but they also support Mac OS9 and OSX and those who prefer to run Linux. The company even offers iPhone support for traders on the go. Since they do not depend on Microsoft, users are able to access their account from any computer with an internet connection. This also provides an extra layer of security since many viruses specifically target Microsoft products.

Server uptime is very important to anyone who wants to make money using Metatrader, and Gallant VPS addresses this concern by linking their servers to a larger grid. This way, every client has access to the internet constantly, allowing their Expert Advisor to always have a link to the market. When combined with real-time access to their account, customers find that they have a constant connection to their broker and can easily view and manage their trades. The entire network is monitored constantly, and maintenance and other downtimes are kept to an absolute minimum.

As far as pricing goes, Gallant VPS is $74.95 a month. They do offer a 14 day free trial, however, so potential clients can get an idea of just what the company offers before signing up for a full month’s service.


South West VPS is a virtual private server hosting service that focuses on Forex and Metatrader hosting. In addition to offering several services and features, SouthWest VPS is one of the cheaper Forex VPS hosts available, with their cheapest package costing only $20 a month. Of course, this package may not be as extensive as other, more expensive packages, but it still offers a number of benefits. For those needing more options, there are several other packages to choose from. All of their packages include a number of security options and the flexibility needed to truly customize their web servers. Swvps owns all of their equipment and provides all of the services, so there is no other company dealing with any portion of your server or your information.

The cheapest virtual private server package is $9.95 a month, and it features 10 GB of disk space, 250 GB of bandwidth a month, 2 IP addresses, and more. However, this option may not provide enough for some users. In that case, the $18 a month package may be a better option. This package ups the transfer amount to 350 GB a month and features a 700 MB RAM limit instead of the 400 MB limit the cheaper package offers. It also features Windows 2003 Server options.

For those who need the deluxe package, the Quad Core Special is available. It is $135 a month, but it includes 1000 GB of bandwidth, 250 GB of storage, 5 IP addresses, 4 GB of RAM, and the choice of operating systems. does offer free upgrades, so clients can easily go from the basic package to the deluxe without paying any extra fees or upgrade costs. In addition to these many choices, all packages come with 24/7 monitoring, a 99.6% uptime guarantee, and a 24/7 support line.


If you’re looking for a hosting plan for your forex hosting, then may have the services you want. They offer hosting for both Windows and Linux virtual private servers. They have several different options for users, including Windows 2003 VPS hosting and Enterprise Grade Linux hosting. All of their virtual private servers are hosted on multi-core servers that have at least 12 GB of RAM and are very, very rarely down for upgrades or maintenance. These Enterprise-grade servers are perfect for Forex hosting because of their 99.9% uptime.

VPSLAND has connections to multiple high speed connections, including Tier 1 and Tier 2 providers. All of their hosting is done from their secure facility in Atlanta, GA, and their top-notch connectivity allows their customers access to the internet at all times of the day. Customers have full administrator and root privileges, so they are completely free to customize their virtual servers as needed.

Customers who use VPSLAND as their Forex hosting will be able to connect directly to their virtual private server using SSH, terminals, or remote desktop in addition to other connection methods. If using Windows 2003 Server, users will find that they have full ASP, .Net, and SQL Server support. They will also have a dedicated IP address and the ability to install any program they want. They can also customize existing software, set up independent services like FTP, various databases, and Apache servers, and make use of protective software like Enterprise firewall and other security features.

Of course, VPSLAND does not leave its clients on their own. They offer free online tech support that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year round. This will provide any Forex trader with the support they need if there is an issue with their virtual private server.


eApps is a hosting website service dedicated to bringing its customers website storage on a high performance network. This network is based out of a data center with a top tier internet connection and is maintained by a team of experts who know everything necessary to keep their servers and applications up and running every second of every day. Their virtual private servers are great for those looking for a place to host their Metatrader software and other Forex trading programs. Their hosting team specializes in a number of areas, including MySQL databases, PHP, Java, business email solutions, and more.

The standard eApps hosting plan is only $11.00 a month, but the price comes down to $9.90 a month if you pre-pay for an entire year. You will get 24/7 email technical support, 2,000 MB of storage space, 30 GB of bandwidth, and 160 MB of memory. You will have access to some features and programs—enough to run Metatrader or any other program you need to. However, there are some benefits to upgrading to the $22.00 a month ($19.80 pre-paid) plan. It gives you 24/7 phone support, which is much faster than dealing with support via email. You also get 4,000 MB of storage, 60 GB of bandwidth, and 288 MB of memory. The third package ($33.00/month or $29.70 pre-paid for a year) offers the same 24/7 technical support plus 6,000 MB of storage, 90 GB of bandwidth, and 432 MB of memory.

These three are simply the three standard package options offered by the hosting service. eApps offers an entire range of hosting solutions, but few of the features that come with the more expensive options are necessary for Forex traders. Of course, for those looking to host more than just Metatrader, one of the more expensive plans may be very appealing.